The Future: Decentralized, Asset-backed Dog Meme Currency. (obviously)

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A decentralized, censorship-resistant, asset-backed and meme-backed currency on Dogechain.

Pillars of Olympus Doge

Deep liquidity, sustainability, revenue generation and much wow.

Our Mission

Combine the power of the meme with asset backing and real utility on Dogechain.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and widely-used reserve currency of the meme-verse.

Not just an Olympus DAO fork.

8% Sales tax increases protocol stability and maintains price

Wrapped staked token LP from day one (no ponzinomics)

Liquidity management bot keeps price within a dynamic range

Stealth launch means no presale and only 20% team/marketing

Utility NFT in development, building treasury revenue

Financial services developed specifically for Dogechain

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Don't just bork at the moon,
earn yield now on Dogechain.

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